About our school

School's mission

We, teachers, for whom the school is concurrent with our lifes, work based on the Waldorf pedagogy and gather new experiences as the bases of the educational process. Self-education gives us strength in this process, helping us to discern our realized thoughts and feelings from unperceived ones and to comprehend them. In the children we are trying to develop an openness towards other people and courage towards the world by bringing radiance to our everyday work with children.

We, parents, ask our teachers’ help going thru life with our children, in whose destiny we are learning to have faith. We, parents, learning from our children, by giving them freedom in accomplishing tasks in their lives. We offer our help to our teachers in particular activities. We all together are creating a space, where children can prepare for implementing the tasks of their lives.

Vilnius Waldorf School

is a non-state secondary school established by parents and teachers. At our school education is based on the Waldorf Pedagogic System.IMGP4792

Our school is a part of the Waldorf Schools Community which today unites about 1015 schools and 1600 kindergartens worldwide. By Lithuanian regulations, the Waldorf School in Lithuania is under the classification of a non-traditional education.

The history of our school started in 1995 when the first form, an only class of the Waldorf pedagogy was gathered. Every year the school was growing by adding new first forms and little by little it grew into the secondary school. We have five graduated classes, (55 pupils). It is a team of young, confident people who are bravely facing the world and have versatile abilities. We are glad that our graduates have the ability of self-evaluation, are goal-minded in choosing their life’s occupation and are not afraid to error in their choices.

In September of 2013 gathered almost 300 pupils. The school houses 1-12 forms.

Vilnius Waldorf School’s "Green" branch was established in the 1st of September, 2013. The focal point of the green school is to open a school outside of the city where children can learn through experience in planting and growing vegetables, looking after the trees and animals and growing free while learning within nature to take care of their surroundings. The green school is seeking a location in the Vilnius region.

The Teachers


35 teachers are working at our school. They form the board and organize the pedagogic process. An abundance of teachers are veteran Waldorf teachers.

All the teachers of our school are constantly studying at the seminars of the International Waldorf Pedagogic Association and the Scandinavian Intuitive Pedagogy with collaborators and colleagues from Estonia, Germany, Sweden and other countries.

In Lithuania, training for Waldorf pedagogy specialists started and was initiated by our school’s and the Vilnius Waldorf kindergarten’s teachers.



Subjects at school are taught according to the programme.The teachers are preparing programmes based on the Waldorf Schools programmes and experiences from other countries, taking into consideration our country’s culture, environment, traditions of pedagogy and tasks lifted by spirit of the era. As well, Lithuanian public education programmes and education standards are taken into account.

Graduates receive documents of education that are recognized by the government.